Reflecting on Our Journey: Successes of Past Relays

As we embark on the third annual Truth and Reconciliation Relay, we take a moment to celebrate the remarkable achievements and milestones from previous years. Each relay has brought our community closer, fostering a deeper understanding and commitment to truth and reconciliation. From the inspiring stories of participants to the collective kilometers traveled, our past relays have not only raised awareness but also strengthened the bonds within our community. Join us in reflecting on these successes as we continue to build a brighter, more inclusive future together.

2022: The Inaugural Step

1st relay
In 2022, the Truth and Reconciliation Relay began with a simple yet impactful community walk. Members from across the community came together in a less formal setting to show solidarity and support for Indigenous communities. This inaugural event laid the groundwork for future relays, emphasizing the importance of unity, awareness, and the first steps toward a larger movement for truth and reconciliation. The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants set a positive tone for the years to com
September 01, 2022
12 AM

2023: Building Momentum

2nd Annual relay
The second annual Truth and Reconciliation Relay in 2023 marked a significant step forward, with increased participation and community engagement. Forty organizations and over 1,075 participants joined forces, pledging an impressive 203,437.92 kilometers. Together, they completed a total of 393,493.07 kilometers. This year highlighted the importance of solidarity, education, and advocacy, with participants sharing powerful stories and supporting various Calls to Action. The event set the stage for continued growth and impact, strengthening our collective commitment to truth and reconciliation.
September 01, 2023
12 AM

2024: Continuing Our Journey

3rd Annual relay
In its third year, the 2024 Truth and Reconciliation Relay builds on the strong foundation of past events, engaging even more participants and expanding our community impact. This year's relay features new activities and partnerships, aiming to deepen our collective understanding and support for Indigenous communities. As we gather to walk, run, and advocate for truth and reconciliation, we celebrate the growing spirit of unity and commitment within our community, making strides towards a more inclusive and just society.
September 01, 2024
12 AM